Illegals Self-Deporting, Overrunning Canada Because of Trump

A new report claims that illegals are overrunning Canada and are self-deporting out of the United States because of President Donald Trump.

Indeed, according to the Washington Post, illegals are slipping across the Canadian border in record numbers and are even helped to break Canada’s immigration laws by left-wing Americans eager to give them a helping hand to go north.

Amusingly, it appears that these left-wing Americans imagine that they are doing a good deed helping these illegals to go north because Trump is evil!

Check this amusing anecdote out:

[A] 19-year-old native of Afghanistan needed a friend to help guide him [out of the United States]. He found that friend in a 66-year-old former French teacher, one of a number of people here in the Adirondack region who believe it’s their duty to comfort and support those fleeing Trump’s vision for America.

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As Malik dragged his suitcase toward the Canadian border, Janet McFetridge gave him two bags of potato chips, a knit hat and — what she considers her most important gift — a hug. Then she yelled across the thicket of cattails and flowering grasses that separated them from Quebec.

“Hello,” she called, alerting a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer that Malik was about to illegally cross the border to claim asylum. “We got someone here.”

McFetridge is part of a loosely assembled network of progressive activists, faith leaders and taxi drivers who have mobilized to help undocumented immigrants cross the northern border. To some, they’re selfless do-gooders ushering people to better lives. To others, they’re perpetuating a problem that has debilitated Canada’s immigration system.

A hug. Yeah. That’ll help.

In another case, an illegal from the African nation of Eritrea decided to head north despite being denied asylum in the USA.

“So now I am here just hoping it gets better,” Mesfin said as she pushed the stroller, while trying to manage her toddler, toward Canada.

“Almost everyone who immigrates to Canada has to first apply from overseas, and before they’re granted entry they’re subjected to extensive vetting by Canadian authorities,” The Atlantic recently wrote. “Those who make the cut have to wait months or years for their turn in line before being let in.”

A Sri Lankan named Modarage told the Post “Donald Trump’s administration has pushed me here [to Canada],” after he found out that ICE was raiding business and grabbing up illegals. “All immigrants are under threat … If I got deported, it would kill me,” he told the paper.

As Lifezete reported:

In the past nine months, ICE has reportedly made 675 criminal arrests of managers or supervisors, and 984 administrative arrests (an arrest and detention of individuals by the state without trial, usually for security reasons) of illegals — in contrast with 139 criminal arrests and 172 administrative arrests during the prior 12 months, according to a DHS statement.

This amounts to a fivefold increase in criminal arrests and a sixfold increase in administrative arrests.

In other words, Trump’s policies are having a good effect in getting rid of illegals.

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