Illegal Who Threatened School Demands She Be Allowed to Stay in U.S.

An illegal alien teenager who was arrested and charged with threatening to shoot up her high school is now fighting against being deported.

An illegal alien teenager who was arrested and charged with threatening to shoot up her high school is now fighting against being deported saying that she should be allowed to stay in the U.S.A.

In August, Rochester, Kentucky, student Abigail Hernandez threatened to kill her fellow students at East High School. She was arrested, charged with the threats, and sentenced to three years probation for making a terroristic threat. After her sentencing, Hernandez was taken into custody by immigration authorities.

But, Hernandez, who has been in the U.S. since she was a three-year-old, says that she should be allowed to stay in the U.S. despite being illegal because she does not know her grandparents and cannot speak Spanish.

Hernandez was covered under Barack Obama’s DACA program, but after being convicted of a crime, that protection was rescinded.

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Her lawyers have said that she has a learning disability and should be given official asylum.

But, here is the thing. Asylum is supposed to be for worthy people or people who face life threatening situations not of their making. It isn’t supposed to be or someone who has made terroristic threats to Americans!

Hernandez’ parents admitted that they brought her here illegally. At a recent hearing they said they paid a coyote money to get her here:

Hernandez’s stepfather, Eufracio Flores, also testified, admitting that he paid to have Abigail illegally brought to the United States. He said he wanted to bring her here to get her help for an issue with her eye, adding that he knew she had intellectual problems before she came to the country. During testimony, he described her as being “like an 8-year-old.”

When he was asked about Abigail being deported to Mexico, Flores said she is not safe on her own and reinforced Abigail’s earlier assertion that none of their relatives would be capable of caring for her.

During cross examination, Flores was asked about an apparent incident back in March in which he was accused of switching stickers on two dolls in a store. He had to go to court over the matter, which raised the question with prosecutors as to his credibility.

The girl’s lawyer also demanded that the government stop deportation procedures.

“I think it’s really important to address persons with intellectual disabilities,” said Hannah Vickner Hough, Abigail’s attorney. “The immigration system is set up now so that children have to defend themselves in immigration…so comprehension and cognition…you’d asked if she understands what’s happening. …that’s really important.”

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