Illegal Alien Caught then Released Goes on Violent Crime Spree in Ohio!

Shades of the Kathryn Steinle murder in San Francisco in a recent spate of crimes that have shocked Ohio as an illegal immigrant has now been charged with heinous crimes that took place just after police and border patrol officials released him from their custody.

On July 7th Juan Emmanuel Razo was confronted by police and held until the Border Patrol arrived. After Border Patrol arrived and considered the situation they decided to let Razo go, even though he readily admitted to being an illegal alien. (You can read the details of his arrest and release here.) Less than 3 weeks later Razo sits in a county jail awaiting trial for committing a host of crimes, including attempting to rape a 14-year old girl, shooting and attempting to murder a woman and actually shooting and killing another woman. He is also being charged for resisting arrest and firing on Ohio police.

Now citizens in Ohio are wondering why the government would simply let a criminal like Razo go once they had him in custody.


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This is the kind of thing that happens when we simply ignore our own laws. Illegal immigration is a crime, and while the costs of enforcing that crime are high, we cannot afford to stop prosecuting illegal immigration. Choosing to ignore this crime must necessarily lead to a rise in other crimes – evidenced by the Juan Emmanuel Razo case.

juan-razo-crime-spree-sameformat_dvd.originalThe Border Patrol bears some responsibility for allowing Razo to walk away a free man even after police had detained him, but the ultimate responsibility belongs to Razo and the Washington D.C. Democrats who continue to allow these crimes to happen. The Democrat Party has been so reticent to do anything to curtail the crime of illegal immigration that it has encouraged ever-greater numbers of them to enter our nation. Their inaction to defend our borders has created a massive, almost unsolvable problem that threatens to swamp our nation.

The Democrat politicians in Washington and across the country should hang their heads in shame over the deadly situation they’ve created. The blood shed by illegal criminals across the nation is on their hands.

Hear what Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael A. Cicconetti had to say to alleged rapist, murderer Juan Emmanuel Razo during his arraignment July 28 in Painesville Muni Court. Razo is accused of rape and shooting spree along the Greenway Corridor on 7/28

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