Illegal Alien Brutally Raped 3 Women After Sanctuary State Illinois Decided to Ignore Deportation Orders

Once again we see the horrible results of liberal “sanctuary” polices with an illegal alien convicted of the brutal rapes of three women in crimes that occurred after the State of Illinois refused to remand an illegal to ICE for deportation.

On August 20, an illegal was sentenced to the maximum penalty for the rapes. But the crimes need never have happened if officials in Illinois had turned the illegal over to immigration officials for deportation when he was flagged in 2012.

According to the Daily Caller:

Miguel C. Luna, a 37-year-old Mexican national, pleaded guilty in May to brutally beating and raping three women over the past three years, two of which occurred on a running trail near Joliet as the victims were jogging.

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Will County Judge David Carlson sentenced Luna to 80 years in prison and blasted officials for disobeying the detainer request after he was ordered to be deported.

“You should not have been in this country,” Carlson told Luna, according to The Chicago Tribune. “The system let the victims down in this case.”

“You were free to do these acts … whether through misguided political correctness or people who do not believe in laws or borders,” Carlson continued. “One thing I can do with the sentence is show that the laws we believe in here, maybe this won’t happen again, maybe that’s a little bit of closure.”

The rapist freely admitted his guilt in court and relayed to the court the explicit details of what he did to the women.

Then he claimed he was “sick” and needed mental health help.

How about the death penalty. That seems to be more of what he needs.

But none of this would have happened if the liberal establishment in deep blue Illinois had acted in concert with the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement like it is supposed to and turned this creep over earlier.

Now, Illinois never “officially” made itself a “sanctuary state” like California did. But the state has passed laws to limit its cooperation with federal immigration officials and it does have a growing number of cities that actually have declared themselves as “sanctuary cities.” I wonder if these three victims understand that they were raped because of Democrat policies?

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