Ignorant TV Host Screams “No One Cares About Jonathan Gruber”

Yes, this did happen on MSNBC where maybe 12 of us were watching… but it bears repeating because this will be the story that the mainstream networks try to sell us over the next few days, weeks and months. They will begin cycling this same (untrue) argument that “no one” actually cares about what Jonathan Gruber is saying because he’s just “some dude.”

He was not just “some dude,” folks. This was the mastermind behind Romneycare and Obamacare. This was the main economist Democrats (and the CBO) used to run all of their numbers and make sure all of the math sounded right. This was the guy the Democrats counted on to write the economic part of the bill in an effort to make it LOOK LIKE it could do all of the fairytale things they said it could.

The Jonathan Gruber story is a big deal; people do care and the media should too.


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Ari Melber: “He’s some dude who said that. Who cares?”

Abyy Huntsman: “A dude who worked on it!”

Ari Melber: “Who cares! He did not work directly on it, although he worked on the Massachusetts model. He wrote some policy. I hope this is what Republicans continue to do, because it’s pathetic. And the fact that they’re so excited about this, trying to go do oppo research on a dude that someone has not ever heard of. Oh my God, Barack Obama hasn’t heard of Jonathon Gruber? Neither has the American voter which doesn’t implicate their intelligence at all.

“No one cares about Jonathan Gruber! I swear to you! Now people have some concerns about Obamacare. Let’s talk about them. And by the way, if you want to legislate on any of them, please, you have Congress now; please bring us your amendments if you care about health care for the public. But for those of us that worked on the issues and followed them for years, this is a sad note…”

You’re wrong, Melber. Very wrong. Gruber was more than just “some dude” who “wrote some policy.” There have already been multiple reports and articles proving that Gruber was integral to the Democrats and Obamacare. MSNBC is just doing what they always do — playing cover-up for their Democrat masters.

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