If Seth Rich Was Fake News, Why Was Donna Brazile Frightened?

The news of Seth Rich’s murder left Donna Brazile frightened for her life according to her own book.

Why was Donna Brazile frightened? Her book on the campaign makes tremendous accusations against the DNC. It is rightly getting a lot of media attention.

But many are skipping the most damning part of the book. Matt Drudge tweeted about it:


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Why would Donna Brazile react that way to Seth Rich’s murder?

The Blaze reports, “This one tweet from Matt Drudge sent the internet into an uproar — here’s why.

Drudge’s tweet received quite a bit of attention, and as of Sunday morning, more than 13,000 retweets, more than 22,000 “likes” and thousands of responses. That’s because the excerpt Drudge pulled from Brazile’s book is particularly controversial as it is about the murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Right-wing sites reported for months on Rich’s murder, all while the mainstream media accused them of peddling conspiracy theories. But if Brazile wrote about it in her book, then it gives even more credence to the theory.

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