If Republicans in Congress Don’t Stand Up to Obama’s Gun Grab – the Voters will Make them Pay


Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham appeared on Fox News SUNDAY this past weekend to warn Congressional Republicans that they were playing with fire if they didn’t respond properly to President Obama’s upcoming unconstitutional gun grab.

While speaking with host Chris Wallace, Ingraham explained that the average GOP voter is fed up with the politicians in D.C. and had decided that if the Republican Party wouldn’t be fighting back for them… then they’d have to find someone who would.

Laura Ingraham: I think the president is trying to over reach in his last year.

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Chris Wallace: What I heard you say is ‘stand up,’ and then you said they should have facts or hearings. Is there any way they can stop it.

Laura Ingraham: They’re going to have to go to the courts, and we know the courts are very unreliable on these Constitutional issues, and it has to become a campaign issue for 2016.

Chris Wallace: Well, if it is the courts, it is certainly not going to get done before Obama leaves office, they can not stop it?

Laura Ingraham: That’s why we don’t want to fund the government through next October, that’s why you don’t take funding off the table, that is why you don’t unilaterally disarm yourself, like folks like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have done. This is going to bring up a whole series of issues…

Ingraham is completely correct. We are already seeing it in the GOP presidential primary. The reason that Donald Trump is leading the way (and that voters have flirted with Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina) is because conservative voters have grown tired (and angry) with the GOP leadership on a whole host of issues. If they cave, once again, on an issue as important as the 2nd Amendment, Ingraham is right– the wrath conservative voters will unleash is will be historic in scale.

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