If People are Convinced ‘Transgenderism’ is a Real Thing, They Probably Also Believe the Moon is Made of Cheese

The transgender memo by former (yes!) Pres. Obama is one of the most insidious pieces of insane pressure politics I’ve seen, and that’s saying a lot. It was meant to be insane. How can someone claim that the way a person feels, believes, or chooses about his or her sexual identity should be a fundamental right forced on everyone? It’s pure fiction. And that’s the point.

There isn’t the slightest bit of science attached to transgenderism. The same is true of the created sexual category called “homosexuals.” Transgenderism is based on feelings and same-sex sexuality is based on sexual behavioral choices, not biology. It’s that simple and purposeful; there is a larger logic going on to promote the irrational as rational.

If people want to choose 1 or more of the 50 or more constructed sexual identities that the folks at Facebook have created, they are free to do so. Anyone can choose to be irrational. I’m not going to stop them. But what they aren’t free to do is force you or me to accept their irrational choices.

Gender fluidity is no more real than the fluidity of set concrete. If something is fluid, it doesn’t have staying power or “fixity.” I can’t be a man one day and then feel like I’m a woman the next day and then claim that I should have access to a woman’s restroom or use the force of law to get a tryout with a girl’s college basketball team as one man did. It’s irrational to think otherwise, but the courts have ruled otherwise. Four is really five.

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And that’s the law’s purpose.

The larger agenda here is to force irrational conformity on us so that in time we will accept anything and everything the State and its supportive agencies propose and force into law. It starts with small irrational stuff and leads to really big stuff, like justifying murdering millions of Jews for the greater good. Or convincing women that killing their unborn children is a fundamental right and a good and essential moral choice.

We’ve already accepted so much irrationality that most people can’t recognize irrationality when it comes up to them and punches them in the face. Millions of Americans are OK with taxing some people so their money can be given to other people who did nothing to earn it. In the day of fixed moral standards and rational thought, such a thing would have been called stealing. Another word for it would be “slavery,” working while someone else enjoys the fruit (pay) of another person’s labor.

The greater good argument has gotten us into a fiscal nightmare, and each new morning does not make it go away. In fact, the nightmare gets worse every day. Even so, the irrationality continues.

Angelo M. Codevilla, the author of The Ruling Class, shows with this excerpt from his essay “The Rise of Political Correctness” how irrationalism leads to moral insanity:

“Consider our ruling class’s very latest demand: Americans must agree that someone with a penis can be a woman, while someone else with a vagina can be a man. Complying with such arbitrariness is beyond human capacity. In Orwell’s 1984, as noted, Big Brother’s agent demanded that Winston acknowledge seeing five fingers while he was holding up four. But that is small stuff next to what the U.S. ruling class is demanding of a free people. Because courts and agencies just impose their diktats, without bothering to try to persuade, millions of precisely the kind of citizens who prize stability have become willing to take a wrecking ball to what little remains of the American republic, not caring so much what happens next.”

Watch this short scene from 1984 and think of it every time a court rules that a baker must bake a cake for a same-sex wedding or heavily fined and foarced to sit in on gender-bending classes to get their mind right…

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