If Obama Replaces Scalia, “You Can Kiss What’s Left of the Constitution Goodbye”


Some frightening analysis from “the Great One,” Mark Levin, earlier this week on his radio show. While discussing the sad passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, Levin opined that Congressional Republicans must not allow Obama to appoint Scalia’s replacement because it could mean the end of our nation, as we know it.

“Everybody knows that Barack Obama, that Barack Obama looks for every opportunity to destroy the institutions of this government. And he’d like nothing more than to take over the Supreme Court the way he’s taken over the treaty provision of the Constitution, the way he’s taken over the spending clause, the power of the purse from the Congress, or the way he’s taken over in many respects legislating from Congress with his executive orders. And so, he’d like nothing more than to take over the Court.

“The Court has many, many crucial decisions before it. It’s way too powerful. I’ve talked about it. I wrote about almost 11 years ago now in ‘Men in Black.’ I’ve referred to it in all my books, most recently ‘The Liberty Amendments.’

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“These justices and that court have an enormous impact on your life, and if they don’t comport – if their decisions don’t comport with their Constitutional limits – it’s devastating. To just beat your chest about nationalism and pluralism and not really understand the consequences of what you’re doing is a mistake, a terrible mistake.

“Now, let me add this: If we give this seat of one of the most brilliant constitutional originalists in American history to Barack Obama, you can kiss what’s left of the Constitution goodbye. That court will have enough members to decide what decisions it will take, what cases it will take — it only takes four justices. That court will ram through one decision after another. We won’t see anything like it since the FDR Court and the Warren Court. And it won’t matter how many elections we win. It won’t matter what kind of legislation is passed at the federal and state levels. We will have, in fact, we will have in truth, a judicial oligarchy – a judicial oligarchy. As a matter of fact, the subtitle of my book ‘Men in Black’ is ‘How the Supreme Court is Destroying America.’ That’s 11 years ago — my first book.

“It is the absolute constitutional and moral obligation of the Republicans in the United States Senate to refuse to give their advice and consent to any justice, to any would be justice, that Barack Obama proposes – any of them.

Hard words and terrifying commentary from Levin, but I’m pretty sure that he’s spot on with his assessment. We must stop any attempt at an Obama appointment to the Supreme Court.

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