If Hitler’s Nazis Had Claimed to Be a Religion, Would America Have Let Them Immigrate Here?

“Had Charles Martel not been victorious at [the Battle of] Poitiers [more commonly called the Battle of Tours] . . . then we [Germans] should in all probability have been converted to Muhammadanism, that cult which glorifies heroism and which opens up the Seventh Heaven to the bold warrior alone.  Then the German races would have conquered the world!”  —Adolf Hitler, ideological twin of Muhammad


Supremacism & Totalitarianism: Roots of Hitler’s Nazism & Muhammad’s Islam

In the 1930s, many Germans attended speeches by the charismatic Adolf Hitler with a veritable, almost-religious zeal.  But Nazism was not only fanatical, it was supremacist, touting the virtues of what Hitler called the Aryan Race over all other peoples, whom Hitler believed should rightly submit to the Aryan Master Race.  No freedom was allowed under Nazism, since that would allow people to question or criticize Hitler.  Thus, Nazism was not only supremacist in its worldview vis-à-vis other peoples, it was also totalitarian in relationship to its own people.

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Muhammad was, likewise, a charismatic leader whose adherents would zealously give up their lives to defend his supremacist, totalitarian ideology.  The central idea of Islam is Jihad—perpetual warfare against all non-Muslims, called Kafirs—until the entire world is Islamic.  “Today Arabia, tomorrow the world!” could easily have been Muhammad’s motto, just as Hitler’s was “Today Germany, tomorrow the world!”  There is no freedom permitted under Islam’s statist Sharia Law, which is every bit as totalitarian as Hitler’s National Socialism—if not more so.

Nazi Fascism and Political Islam are both cut from the same cloth, each one possessing its own anti-Semitic text—with Mein Kampf, a bestseller in the Mid-East to this day, being 7% anti-Semitic to the Koran’s 9.3%.  (It is also a curious similarity between the two totalitarian political systems that Hitler’s Mein Kampf means My Struggle, while Muhammad’s central idea of Jihad also means Struggle.)


Nazism & Islam: Both Ideologies Violate Basic Human Rights

Islam and NaziNot only is Muhammad’s Political Islam a kind of Leftist Fascism akin to Hitler’s National Socialism, but Islam sponsors actions which are illegal in America, yet Political Islam wants to use America’s First Amendment as a shield to defend heinous Islamic deeds under the aegis of religious protection.  Some of the things which doctrinaire Muslims do as part of their religion are as follows: having sex with children who are nine years of age; beating wives whenever they do not submit sexually or otherwise; perpetrating honor killings of family members who leave Islam; raping non-Muslim women who do not cover up their bodies or veil themselves; murdering Kafirs (non-Muslims) who question, criticize, or insult Islam; owning work slaves and sex slaves.  In fact, in San Antonio, Texas, just recently, a Qatari military official and his wife were sentenced to be deported on charges of keeping slaves.  Judge Orlando Garcia only refrained from pronouncing a harsher sentence, because the two slaves would not testify, possibly out of fear.  The slaveholders could have been sentenced to 20 years in prison, but instead were forced to pay each slave $60,000 before quitting the country for good.  (Read more about this here.)


The First Amendment Is Not a License to Harm Others in the Name of Religion

Mormons were not allowed to maintain their practice of polygyny, so why should Muslims be allowed to do that, and worse?  It was disturbing to hear Laura Bush recently make a reference, in an interview, to the right of Muslims to immigrate into our country, since there is “no religious test” allowed.  Ms. Bush’s statement is in error.  The “religious test” Ms. Bush refers to is constitutionally prohibited for public servants taking the Oath of Office to protect the Constitution of the United States.  There is no such prohibition for immigrants to our country.  Immigrants into the United States have no protection under our Constitution until they become resident aliens or American citizens.  And, in fact, religion has always been considered when admitting aliens into the United States, especially since so many political refugees claim religious persecution.  It is, however, ironic that the one so-called “religion” that perpetrates genocidal Jihad against all other religions is being given so much sympathy in terms of being admitted into the one country in the world that is supposed to be a haven for safety against totalitarian religious persecutors and ethnic cleansers.

Islam, under the US Constitution, does not even deserve consideration as a religion—unless only the harmless aspects of it that are common to other world religions, such as praying, are being protected.  Child abuse, wife-beating, forced labor, and honor-murders are not what the Founders intended to protect, when they wrote the First Amendment.  Nazism would never have been considered a full-blown religion, according to the American idea of what a Golden-Rule-based religious dogma should entail.  So, why should Islam, its ideological twin, be thought of any differently?

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