If Elected, Ted Cruz Promises to Prosecute Hillary Clinton on Emails

Hillary Clinton has to be feeling the heat at this point in the campaign. Not only does she run the risk of again being the candidate of destiny who fails to win her own primary, but she also risks time in prison if she can’t win in the general. While stumping through Florida on Friday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took time to answer some questions from Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

The most intriguing question that Hannity asked had to be about Hillary Clinton’s current legal trouble.

Sean Hannity: “Let’s say that the FBI makes a criminal referral to the Justice Department and it is ignored. And you become president, the statute of limitations had not passed — would you aggressively go after Hillary Clinton if the FBI believes she committed felonies?” 

Cruz responded by saying the one thing that every Republican has been waiting to hear…

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Ted Cruz: “Absolutely yes, and there is a principle here that matters. This country was founded on the principle that no one is above the law, and whether it is the Clintons or whether it is some in the Republican Party who think they are above the law, that the law doesn’t apply to them, that’s not how it works.”

This should just add fuel to Clinton’s campaign as each day it becomes more apparent that in order to secure her future (and not just her political future), she’ll have to win in 2016.

What’s most amazing about this story is that Cruz’s comments aren’t even the most troubling thing that happened to Clinton on Friday! No, perhaps even more troubling was the news that her former IT specialist, Bryan Pagliano, has delivered “devastating” testimony to the FBI over the last few weeks.

From Fox News:

Former Hillary Clinton IT specialist Bryan Pagliano, a key witness in the email probe who struck an immunity deal with the Justice Department, has told the FBI a range of details about how her personal email system was set up, according to an intelligence source close to the case who called him a “devastating witness.”

The source said Pagliano told the FBI who had access to the former secretary of state’s system – as well as when – and what devices were used, amounting to a roadmap for investigators.

“Bryan Pagliano is a devastating witness and, as the webmaster, knows exactly who had access to [Clinton’s] computer and devices at specific times. His importance to this case cannot be over-emphasized,” the intelligence source said.

The source, who is not authorized to speak on the record due to the sensitivity of the ongoing investigation, said Pagliano has provided information allowing investigators to knit together the emails with other evidence, including images of Clinton on the road as secretary of state.

I’m not sure how Hillary Clinton is sleeping these days, but I can’t imagine she’s been getting much rest with her life hanging so precariously in the balance.

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