If Democrats are “For the Poor” – Why are they Driving Up their Energy Prices?

Democrats are fond of trotting out tired old lines like “war on women” or “cutting taxes for the rich” when arguing with their Republican counterparts; it’s their best weapon in the battle over policy. The reason they’re forced to resort to these tactics is because they hardly ever win on just the merits of their arguments – so they are forced to turn to rhetorical attacks to undermine their opponents. One such rhetorical flourish is when they imply (or just outright say) that Republicans “don’t care about the poor.” The liberal politician and activist like to pretend that because we are against forcing some to pay for the goods and services of others, that we are somehow “against” the poor.

It’s just not true.

The truth is that we conservatives believe that our policies – free market driven policies based on liberty and opportunity – are the ideas which will best help the poor out of their economic situations. What proof do we have? Hundreds of years of capitalist policies that have done more to lift people out of poverty than any government program could ever hope to achieve.

Well, in Washington on Tuesday Rep. Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV) went after the Obama administration for hurting the poor in her own state. Over the last several years the Obama administration has forced American energy prices to steadily rise, and the group that has been most affected has been the working poor.

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Energy2On Tuesday Capito went after Obama’s EPA Chief, Janet McCabe, demanding answers for Obama’s attack on the poor.

Shelly Moore Capito: “I’m sure you’re aware many governors are simply considering not submitting a state plan for compliance, would that trigger a federal implementation plan in 2016 or 2018?”

Janet McCabe: “The Clean Air Act says if the state doesn’t put forward a plan then EPA should step in and do a federal plan. It would be when a state fails to meet a requirement under the rule.”

While McCabe admitted that the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan was driving prices ever higher, she did her best to defend the plan.

Janet McCabe: “We found by 2030 the average cost of a person’s electric bill would go down by about seven percent as a resulted of increased efficiency in energy coming into the system.”

But Capito wasn’t having it. It seemed that listening to an Obama administration flunky admit that they were choking the economic life out of the poor in her state, but then defending their actions by saying that everything should be okay in FIFTEEN years… did not strike Capito as a fair trade or even a good idea.

Shelly Moore Capito: “Right now we have 430,000 low and middle income people in West Virginia who’s take home pay is $1,900 a month. They spend 17 percent of their take home money to pay for their energy,” Capito said. “When this goes up, say 20 percent, this is going to have a cost to them, a human cost to them.”

The Obama administration continues to argue that their energy plans should “ONLY” drive energy costs up about 20%, as if 20% isn’t a big deal. It simply serves to show that most of the Obama team doesn’t live in the real world that most Americans abide in. For a family of 4 or 5 living on a meager income, a 20% increase in their energy costs could be crippling. It could mean the difference between getting enough food for the week or having heat through the winter… but the Obama administration doesn’t seem to care.

If you want the Obama team to care about something, the best way to get their attention isn’t struggling poor people… it’s talking about real problems, like global warming.

It’s time to wake up, America – liberals don’t care about the poor. They care about power and control. Using the poor is just their way of getting both.

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