If Berkeley Protesters Knew This About the University, Their Heads Would Explode

The University of California Berkeley is in the news for its anti-free speech policies that only apply to conservative speech.

Liberals have used the American system of liberty and freedom to gain power and then shut the door behind them once they are in power.

The Berkeley “Free Speech Movement” of the 1960s is a perfect example. It was the catalyst for the near overthrow of the university system in the United States.

“The Free Speech Movement (FSM) at the University of California at Berkeley during the Fall 1964 semester was the first of the 1960s campus student movements to make headlines all over the world. Lasting a little over two months, it ended with the arrest of 773 persons for occupying the administration building, the removal of the campus administration, and a vast enlargement of student rights to use the University campus for political activity and debate.”

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After years of struggle, the Free Speech Movement got its way. In time, the activists took positions in the major universities, changed the curriculum, and set up anti-speech codes. They used the wedge of free speech so they could cut off competing speech.

The administration at UC Berkeley is shutting down conservative speakers claiming “security concerns, pointing to the anticipated dangers posed by an organized group of black-clad, mask-wearing agitators and demonstrators self-styled as the ‘antifa’ (short for ‘anti-fascist’), whose goal has been to use violence to silence any speech they find objectionable.” (The Hill)

If this is true, then the university should arrest the agitators not deny people like Ann Coulter the right to speak. As it is, the barbarians are not at the gate. They have entered the once hallowed halls of institutional learning.

It seems that the administration is unaware of the school’s motto: “Let there be light.” The protestors and many students at UC Berkeley and at most college campuses would be horrified to the point of having their heads explode if they knew that the motto is taken from the first chapter of Genesis (1:3). I suspect that most college students are so ignorant of the Bible (and much else) that they have no idea of the motto’s source.1

The seal (see below) is still used by the University. The o…

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  1. See Timothy Beal, Biblical Literacy: The Essential Bible Stories Everyone Needs to Know (New York: HarperOne, 2009), xiv-xvii. []

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