Identity of Buzzfeed Leaker Is Known

The lawyer of a plaintiff suing Buzzfeed for libel claims to know the Buzzfeed leaker who gave them the “Trump dossier.”

While they won the right to withhold the identity of the Buzzfeed leaker in court, an attorney suing them says he knows who did it. You may remember that there was early talk of the Trump Administration bringing a libel suit:

But the Trump dossier not only made unverified allegations against Donald Trump, but accused a Russian of hacking the DNC. That Russian, Aleksej Gubarev is now suing Buzzfeed for libel.

The Washington Times reports, “Target of dubious Trump dossier discovers who dished the document to BuzzFeed.

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Aleksej Gubarev, chief of XBT holdings and its Webzilla web hosting firm, is suing BuzzFeed for libel in U.S. District Court in Florida.

The dossier, orchestrated by Democrats and the firm Fusion GPS and written by former British spy Christopher Steele, accused Mr. Gubarev of hacking Democratic Party computers under pressure from Russian intelligence.


Fusion, which passed around the dossier or its information to Washington reporters and politicians, has denied it was BuzzFeed’s source. In another case, Fusion is being sued for libel by three Russian oligarch bankers. The dossier accused the Alfa Bank investors of paying bribes to President Vladimir Putin and implied they were involved in Russian election interference.

Val Gurvits, one of Mr. Gubarev’s attorneys, told The Washington Times on Friday that he now knows the BuzzFeed source.

“I unfortunately cannot give you any details because that information has been designated as confidential attorneys eyes only for the moment,” said Mr. Gurvits, who heads Boston Law Group.

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