I Hate Jihadists



I put my thumb on my tongue and strangle potential clichés.  I don’t want to be Obama.  I don’t want to be a lie told for political purposes.


I am not a Democrat.  I do not confuse intentions with results.


I am Donald Trump.  I am golden plumage.  I am action not pronouncement.  I am the future that will become the future not the promise that will fall beneath my shoes like dog do.


In a few days Trump has done more good than Obama did in eight years.


Yes, I hate jihadists and radical Muslims.


Yes, vengeance is necessary says the Lord. And you can’t find the Lord by kneeling on a prayer mat five times a day.


The Lord is in kindness not beheadings. And what kind of cruelty is it when Obama goes golfing after Foley’s head is rolling on the green.


Trump is proving our doubts about whether Obama’s suits and feelings are genuine or a kick in the rough.

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