I am a Pro-Life Advocate, but I Support Four Choices

I am a die hard advocate for the pro-life movement. I believe that everyone has the right to life. Not only do I believe it but so does the United States Constitution. However, perhaps the most important factor here is that it is also God’s word not to murder.

Abortion is the ending of a life, before their first breath is ever even taken. Liberals do not want you to think of it that way. Instead they throw words at scared, expecting mothers like “fetus,” in order to dehumanize the child growing in her womb.

Women advocate for the right to be “pro-choice.” In other words, the right to terminate their pregnancies because it’s “their body, their choice.”

Here is the fallacy with that argument though: it’s not their body. If it were, the woman would be the one to die in an abortion, not the child.

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After some contemplating today though, I realized that I am pro-choice. However, it is not in the way that you think. I am pro-life in every sense possible. However, I do believe in the following four choices:

1. Abstinence
2. Contraceptive
3. Adoption
4. Motherhood

I posted that on Facebook, and of course I had immediate argumentative responses. One of them read, “I believe it has nothing to do with your views on when life starts, it has more to do with your views on whether or not you think you have the right to tell someone else what to do that’s none of your business…”

I would agree with that statement on some terms, however, not when it comes to the right to life. We cannot turn a blind eye to murder simply because it does not pertain to our lives directly.

If that were the case, then we might as well free the murderers from prison now, because it was their life to do what they wanted, and none of our business to interfere. Even if it involved taking another life.

See the problem in that double standard? Abortion is murder, and murder is not only against the law of the land but it is also against God’s law. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to be on the wrong side of God’s law.

I will always be a voice for the voiceless. I won’t stop fighting against abortion until it is no more. The innocent blood cries out to the Lord from the ground, just like Abel’s blood cried out when Cain murdered him. Those cries do not land on deaf ears.

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