Hysteria about Russian Election Meddling Spreads to Other Countries

Now the Russian election meddling is supposedly threatening “fragile” democracies because it worked so well in the U.S.

The nonsense of Russian election meddling hasn’t stopped, and is even pushed in the Washington Times. It’s all backwards. If Russia were to figure out a way to really influence elections, they would develop it in smaller countries and then work their way up to the United States. Now, having spread a lie to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency, these conspiracy theorists are forced to suspect that every election in the world is subject to Russian interference.

But the Washington Times story ends with an account of how China isn’t buying the narrative.

The Washington Times reports, “World worries as Russian-style election meddling spreads to fragile democracies.

In January, three days after the U.S. intelligence allegations were leveled against Russia, Chinese state media weighed in with an article asserting that Americans must “have either a short memory or are just plan ignorant” of their nation’s long history of meddling in the domestic affairs of foreign governments.

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The article, by Chen Weihua, China Daily’s chief Washington correspondent, also detailed a recent Carnegie-Mellon Institute for Politics and Strategy study that documented U.S. or Soviet Union/Russian intervention in roughly “one in every nine of the 937 competitive national-level executive elections” from 1946 to 2000.

The study, by Milwaukee native Dov Levin, found that America had meddled about twice as much as Russia, and even in the elections of its closest allies Italy, Japan and Israel.

“The fact that the U.S. has been interfering in the national elections of other countries has been no secret to people the world over,” Mr. Chen wrote.

He reminded China Daily readers that President Clinton endorsed a $10.2 billion loan in 1996 from the International Monetary Fund to Russia, a critical factor in the re-election that year of Boris Yeltsin.

Unlike a $10 billion bribe to get a U.S.-friendly politician elected in Russia, Russia is bringing America to it’s knees…. by Twitter accounts? Are you serious? The bizzaro paranoid conspiratorialists even admit there is nothing directly aimed at influencing any election.

Read the entire piece.

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