Hypocritical Senator Wants to Force POTUS Candidates to Release Tax Returns Even Though he Hasn’t Ever Released His

According to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse(D-RI), the 4th Amendment is for everyone but presidential candidates, and releasing tax returns is only for politicians whose last name isn’t Whitehouse. A new law Shelly is co-sponsoring will force all POTUS candidates to release three years of tax returns to the public (Whitehouse never released his returns until he decided to co-sponsor this bill).

Senator Pocahontas Warren (D-MA) introduced the legislation, which would require presidential  and vice presidential  candidates to release their tax returns for the most recent three taxable years. Her colleague Sheldon Whitehouse who wants anyone who conservative groups who disagree with the climate change hypothesis subject to RICO trials, is one of the co-sponsors of this bill. Interestingly he has always said he wouldn’t release his own tax returns. According to his office, he’s wanted to protect the privacy of his children.

It doesn’t really matter if the hypocritical senator doesn’t want to publicize his tax returns–certainly distributing my 1040s isn’t on my bucket list.  It does seem strange that Whitehouse is co-sponsoring legislation, albeit that will only apply to presidents and vice presidents, but will force others to release something that he keeps secret. And Whitehouse is harshly critical of the President for not releasing his returns even though any tax attorney worth his salt would recommend that Trump hold on to all years returns until the audit is done.

However co-sponsoring a bill meant to show America that the last election is invalid, creates publicity.  Now that he’s a co-sponsor of the bill, Whitehouse has agreed to release them for the first time. As for me, I still refuse to release my returns.  But then again my wife is a CPA, prepares the return and doesn’t even let me…

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