Hurricane Irma Video: Ocean Water Disappears in Bahamas, Sucked Dry

In what can only be described as peculiar and terrifying, the ocean has been sucked dry in the Bahamas.

In the video by a Bahamas resident, you can see the dry floor of the ocean. In fact, it is bare as far as the eye can see.

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Fox News reports:

Hurricane Irma approached the Florida Keys around 8:30am on Sunday, leaving at least one dead. The category 4 storm is expected to be one of the worst in Florida’s history, with evacuation orders for all of south Florida.

Meteorologist Rick Reichmuth said he had never seen such an effect left by a hurricane.

“They were walking out in that on the ocean floor completely void of any water there because of the energy of this wind pushing that away,” Reichmuth said.

The same thing actually happened in Tampa, Florida as well! Here are some tweets with photos of the bare ocean floor:

Make no mistake though, the water WILL come back, and it will come back with force!

NBC News repots:

“In essence, once the storm has moved, the water moves back in where Irma has already passed. The westerly flow brings it back almost immediately,” said Mike Schichtel, lead meteorologist for the Weather Prediction Center of the National Weather Service.

Some areas will experience a dangerously high amount of water. Rhome said there was a flash flood emergency issued for the St. Johns River in northeast Florida, for example.

“When you push that much water into a river, it gets narrowed or squeezed. It’s like a funnel. It has no choice but to come out of the banks,” he said

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