Huge CA House Bust: Over $1 Million in Marijuana Plants Found

Wow! Talk about high stakes!

Two California homes were served a warrant on September 5th and what officers found were astounding! Officials seized more then 1,100 pot plants, which equals about $1.17 million! Three people were also arrested in connection to the illegal out-of-state sales that the marijuana was being grown for.

The three people arrested included: 65-year-old Jinfu Gao, 51-year-old Wen Guang, and 61-year-old Xiuqin Zhou. Their specific reasoning for being arrested was “suspicion of maintaining a place for drug use, cultivation of marijuana and conspiracy.”

In early August, the Roseville Police Department received information about suspicious activity at two houses in the 2300 block of Kinsella Way. The windows of the garages were covered, and there were few signs of normal residential activity at the houses. An investigation led to the issuance of a search warrant for the two houses.

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Detectives from the Placer County Special Investigation Unit and Roseville Police Department’s Crime Suppression Unit served the search warrant and found that both houses were being used almost entirely to grow marijuana, with sleeping quarters for the people tending the plants. Their investigation also established that the marijuana was not being grown for use in California under the Compassionate Care Act, but was being shipped to the state of New York for illegal sales.

This was a cooperative operation by the Placer County Special Investigation Unit (a taskforce comprised of officers from the California Department of Corrections, California Department of Justice, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, Placer County Probation, the Roseville Police Department and the Rocklin Police Department), and Roseville Police Department’s Crime Suppression Unit.

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