Huff Post Writer: Trump’s Travel Ban What Bin Laden ‘Prayed for’…’9/11 15 Years Later’ [VIDEO]

Huffington Post writer Howard Fineman said that what President Trump just did with his travel ban from seven countries is exactly what Osama bin Laden prayed for and died for. In fact, it’s 9/11 all over again.

According to Fineman, Trump’s executive order finally codified that we’re at war with Islam. Now, the terrorists are going to be recruiting like never before. The drone strikes and 26,000 bombs that Nobel Peace Prize winner and former President Obama dropped on predominantly Muslim countries during his last year alone wasn’t enough to enflame tensions between the U.S. and Middle Eastern Muslims (or Muslims in general).

But a temporary travel ban? Now that’s a declaration of war. Here was Fineman’s exchange with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews:

MATTHEWS: Tell me what this means in history, right now, the fact that seven countries have been targeted by the new president, you can’t come here for three months.

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HOWARD FINEMAN: Well Chris, it means Osama bin Laden’s whole theory of a war of the west on Islam now gains great credence thanks to what Donald Trump just did. 

MATTHEWS: We’re all crusaders now. 

FINEMAN: We are the crusaders officially in the eyes of Islam. At least that’s what that’s what Osama said, that’s what Donald Trump has done. It is the reaction that Osama Bin Laden, himself, would have prayed for. 

MATTHEWS: And he died for. This is what he wanted to happen. 

FINEMAN: He prayed for and died for. This is 9/11 15 years later.

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