Howard Dean says Voting for Omnibus Puts Presidential Hopes at “Risk”

Oh my word.

Howard Dean (D-VT) just something incredibly thoughtful that I completely agree with! Will wonders never cease?

Dean was on MSNBC’s Now with Alex Wagner when they began discussing the just passed omnibus spending bill that will ensure the government is funded for the coming year. Both liberals and conservatives were VERY ANGRY that the establishment was able to pass this bill, as it had plenty of things for both wings of the political spectrum to hate. Dean was discussing just this fact when he noted that any Presidential contender who voted for this bill would have a very hard time winning their Party’s nomination.

Let me just repeat what I said earlier in the show. If you think any of these people on either side of the aisle want to run for president having done the bidding of the banks and put the financial system of the western world at risk in doing that, I agree it may be the wings against the middle, but the wings control both primaries. How would you like to go to Iowa in either party where their populous could have a tremendous amount to say and campaign on — and defend yourself from the attacks of your opponents in your party that you supported the banking system that put us at risk. They already hate the bailouts that went on in 2008 and ’09, I don’t think they’re going appreciate this. Any senator that thinks they’re going to vote for this and then thinks they’re going run for president is putting their campaign at enormous risk in either party.

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He’s 100% correct.

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