How Would President Clinton Have Used the Trump Dossier?

If we were dealing with President Clinton instead of Trump, would we have ever found the spy or discredited the Steele Dossier and uncovered the FISA abuse?

The dossier was not an insurance policy but a license for President Clinton to kill the MAGA movement.

If we were dealing with President Clinton instead of Trump, would we have ever found the spy or discredited the Steele Dossier and uncovered the FISA abuse?

Almost certainly not.

John Nolte, editor-at-large at Breitbart, has pointed out that the Dossier was only secondarily an “insurance policy.” Primarily, it was the basis for jailing Trump, or at least hounding him in court and destroying him in the media.

He writes:

Thought experiment: Imagine how the Russia probe would look today with Hillary Clinton as president and Donald Trump a helpless citizen. Because, believe me, whatever horrors you are imagining, that was the plan.

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Certain Hillary would win, the Deep State and their confederates in the establishment media held on to that Russian dossier for only one purpose: to destroy Trump, his business empire, and most especially the MAGA movement.


So why, then, did the media hold on to the hoax-dossier? [….]

The media (and Hillary) were salivating at the thought of using the hoax-dossier after the election against a utterly helpless Citizen Trump.

Then Nolte spells out what the United States would be like under President Clinton:

Our other two heroes, Nunes and the alternative conservative media, would have been ruthlessly stonewalled to death. With Comey in charge of the FBI, Loretta Lynch still running the Department of Justice (per the tarmac deal), and Harridan Hillary herself in charge of the executive branch, we would know nothing about the truth. We would know nothing about the wiretaps, surveillance, spying, and counter-intelligence campaigns launched by the Obama administration against the Trump campaign.

What’s more, using the blaring siren of the Deep State’s media echo chamber, all we would know for sure is that Citizen Donald Trump colluded with Russian President Vladimir Putin to steal the election. All we would know for sure is that after Trump stole the election,  the plan was for a bunch of Trump Towers to pop up like weeds throughout Russia as the rest of Ukraine went down to the Red Army. We would also know for sure that Trump pees on hookers.

In other words, all we would know for sure are the serial lies our government and media would want us to know … for our own good, of course.


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