How & Why Obama Weaponized Government against Trump

Barack Obama weaponized government because he couldn’t accept that his work would be undone, and he often did it publicly.

So much has happened that sometimes we forget all the public, obvious ways that Barack Obama weaponized government to defend Hillary Clinton and defeat Donald Trump. Remember when Trump tweeted an opinion about what Bowie Bergdahl deserved? The media was enraged and accused him of tampering with the judicial process because he’s commander-in-chief of the military.

But when Barack Obama went on national media and did the same thing about a Federal investigation going on in his Justice Department, the media treated it as expert testimony in favor of Clinton rather than interference in an investigation!

Monica Crowley writes at The Hill, “Federal abuses on Obama’s watch represent a growing blight on his legacy.

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Obama and the leftist movement over which he has presided could not tolerate a reversal of their gains (by Trump, no less!), so they got to work.

On the offensive side, these Obama officials — who obviously loathe Trump, as demonstrated by the glaring antipathy in the Strzok–Page texts and others’ communications — set out to damage him. Trump, they thought, gave them much material with which to work, plus they enjoyed a compliant media that stood ready to amplify spoon-fed narratives, regardless of their veracity. The acquisition of multiple FISA warrants — now known to be largely based on an unverified dossier prepared by a foreign spy, using anonymous Russian and close Clinton associates and paid for by her campaign and the Democratic National Committee — to subvert and impair Trump and his associates, succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

On the defensive side, Herculean efforts were made by the Obama DOJ and FBI to stonewall the Clinton investigation, not out of any real love for Hillary but because they needed to ensure a Democratic win and the continuance of their “transformative” agenda. Further, with Clinton at the helm, evidence of all of their previous abuses would never see the light of day.

Thus, the forward march to safeguard her.

In October 2015, Obama told “60 Minutes” that, while Clinton made a “mistake” using a private server, “this is not a situation in which America’s national security was endangered.” The signal to his law enforcement lieutenants to back off could not have been clearer.

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