How Well Do We Actually Know Hillary Clinton?

A new ad out from the National Review asks “How well do we actually know Hillary Clinton?”

It’s a brilliant ad cobbled together from snippets of news programs and Hillary Clinton commercials from the last few months. In the ad the folks from the National Review wonder if we’ve actually been able to vet Hillary Clinton at all, as liberals are always suggesting.

The reality is that today we probably have more questions about the goings-on in Hillary Clinton’s mind (and personal life) than we ever have before. She has personally been involved in more scandals, cover-ups and unsavory events than all of the other Presidential candidates put together – and yet the Democrat Party still idolizes her. She has no professional achievements to speak of (ask any Democrat), yet they all still argue that she is somehow the most qualified candidate in the nation. It’s ridiculous of course, but somehow with help from the media this crazy notion persists!

We need to get more of these ads out to moderate and independent voters so that they can begin really considering exactly what a Hillary Clinton Presidency might mean. We’ve suffered under 8 years of Obama, and honestly the 8 years of President Bush were not as good as they could have been, thanks to skyrocketing national spending and increasing government regulations (not to mention the toll we suffered from the war on terror).

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Our nation is in desperate need of a breather.

We need conservative governance to help us catch our collective breaths and at least begin to bail some of this water out of our sinking ship. Hillary Clinton may literally be “the last thing” we need right now – so we must work harder to spread the word and to win converts to conservatism.

We need to make sure we win in 2016 – for ourselves, for our nation and for our children.

Watch the great new ad from the National Review.

Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for decades, but the more we learn about her, the more we realize how little we actually know. As the former First Lady attempts another run for President, let’s uncover exactly who she is before it’s too late.


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