How Trump Will RESTORE Morality to America

Guest Post by Moses Apostaticus

In 1972, President Nixon spoke with his staff about covering up a burglary at the DNC headquarters. An investigation followed. To save the nation the prolonged scandal of an impeachment, he resigned the presidency.

In 2009, Secretary of State Clinton made the decision to continue using an unsecured BlackBerry and private server in her basement to send and receive work-related emails. These included highly sensitive information with none of the usual security protocols. Following an attack on the embassy in Benghazi which led to the death of the ambassador, investigators requested Clinton hand over her emails from her time as secretary. Clinton refused to hand over 32,000 emails. She continued campaigning for the presidency, and is now the Democratic Party nominee.

What has happened in America that standards for public office have fallen so sharply?

This flouting of the rule of law by Hillary Clinton is not an isolated incident. There has never been a presidential candidate with so many scandals, allegations and cover-ups swirling around them. No candidate before has had movies made and books written warning people about their immorality and corruption.

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The decline of standards in public life over the last fifty years in America has also been mirrored in what we see in our private lives. Double-dealing, dishonesty and hardheartedness have become pandemic across America. We see the suffering and despair which result in the blighted lives, broken families and stricken communities across the nation.

No country can survive beyond a certain level of moral decay. Corruption has consequences. The mighty civilizations of the past which are now ruins fell not because of strong invaders or civil unrest. Those were the final catalysts of collapse. Just as with the ancient Kingdom of Israel, the decline of a society begins when they turn away from God, reject truth and seek the appearance rather than the substance of virtue.

A growing number of Americans today can feel that we have reached a critical point in our history. If we continue on our current path, then there is no hope for America. This is why the campaign for Trump to become president is so important.

Donald Trump is the man who can restore morality in America and make the country righteous again.

The moral restoration of America under President Trump will not be because of his outward appearance of personal virtue. This is the phony righteousness by which Americans have been deceived now for decades. It will be because Trump speaks plainly, calls things by their real names and has a moral vision for the nation which is focused on the best interests of all, not a few.

Americans today have become a people who live by feelings and appearances, not reason and reality. This is the sham self-righteousness of the Pharisees that Jesus criticized so strongly. We see everywhere today leaders who are slick and polished at using rhetoric and manipulation to achieve their objectives. There is little correspondence between words and deeds. Our leaders today are indeed like whitewashed tombs.

It is not difficult for any leader to present themselves as squeaky clean with the correct talking points and PR support. Across our society, many leaders in America today use the outward appearance of righteousness to hide their ambition, greed and lust for power.

We can see in Scripture and repeatedly throughout history that when a man speaks the truth in a society filled with lies the wicked will always unite to destroy him. When people have schemed in the darkness they will rage against anyone speaking the light of truth. This is what we are seeing as the ruling establishment in Washington unites to destroy Trump’s chances of winning the presidency.

Not only the Democratic Party, the mainstream media and the bureaucrats in the public sector are opposing Trump. He is also being actively opposed by the Republican elite in Washington.

What frightens the establishment, who are now all-in for Hillary, is that Trump is not owned by anyone and can therefore say true things plainly and directly. This is why Trump gets the reaction that he does. For those of us who long for the truth in public life again, Trump is like manna from heaven. For those who still believe in and want the superficial moralism we see everywhere else in America today, Trump is an outrage.

Many Americans have become so used to the siren song of high-minded rhetoric that the blunt speech of Trump is offensive. President Obama has been the maestro of this practice of using rhetoric and sophistry to play on people’s emotions. He’s an expert at it. For those who look past rhetoric at a man’s actions, however, there is little substance to Obama’s words.

After spending his first presidential campaign giving speech after speech attacking Wall St and the bankers for the Global Financial Crisis, President Obama then proceeded to appoint those same bankers to high positions in the Obama White House. Talking constantly about race relations and the plight of black Americans, Obama has presided over the worst deterioration of black communities in American history.

As long as his rhetoric remains pleasing, however, many Americans refuse to see these obvious failures of moral leadership. The consequences for America will be dire.

Trump’s restoration of morality in public and private life in America will not be due to his own personal goodness. No leader can do that. Trump instead will use the bully pulpit of the presidency to demonstrate fact-based reasoning and straight talk to a nation long soaked in a culture of lies.

Plain speech from the leader of the nation will embolden the honest and the virtuous everywhere to speak up against the petty tyranny and fake self-righteousness we see in our daily lives. Families, workplaces, schools, universities and churches will be transformed as a result.

Trump is not a savior or a model of outwardly perfect living. We’ve seen enough of that by now to fall for it again. What makes him transformational is that what he says and does are real. His impropriety with women has made him unpopular with people who want an illusion to put their hopes in rather than a leader to tell them how things really are. Trump’s weakness with women is not uncommon among powerful men. David and Solomon had that problem too.

Moses Apostaticus is a PhD student with a background in classics, history and literature. His ambition is to restore the law of God to the hearts of his countrymen. He blogs at

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