How the GOP Healthcare Bill Was Actually a Huge LIBERAL Victory

There’s an old Marx Brother’s routine where Groucho leans over to Margaret Dumont and says “Would you sleep with me for a million dollars?” Dumont hesitates and says “Yes.” Groucho lean over again to say “Would you sleep with me for five dollars?” “Certainly not!” Says Dumont, “What do you think I am?” Groucho takes the cigar out of his mouth and says, “We’ve already established what you are, now we’re just negotiating price.”

The House of Representatives health care bill reminds me of that Groucho bit, not for any of its provisions, because it established that it is now a federal government responsibility to run the healthcare system.

Eight years ago the fight was, should the government get involved with providing healthcare for the average American?  Not just safety-net programs like medicare or the pre-Obamacare Medicaid, but should the government get involved with supplying healthcare to most Americans. That’s what the anti-Obamacare town halls were all about.

The alarming part of this latest health care debate wasn’t about whether or not government should be involved in health insurance instead it was about how involved the government should be. It is as if the Republicans had the home-field advantage but decided to give it up and play on the Democrats home field.

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For eight years I’ve been hearing repeal and replace. Silly me, I thought Obamacare was going to be replaced with a modified version of how things were before the Democrats put their grubby hands on 16% of the economy. Perhaps with adjustments like tort reform and being able to sell across state lines. You want kids to stay on their parents plans until 26? Sure..perhaps this group of heathy young’uns helps ke…

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