How Should the American Christian Respond to the GOP Primary Turmoil?


Our friend and colleague Steve Deace saw the mess in South Carolina developing earlier this week and found himself despairing over the possibility of another conservative loss. It took a few hours (and may take even more time to get used to), but he finally realized why he was so despondent before then remembering something very important that he’d forgotten…

In my mind, this is one of the most important pieces of political analysis (from a Christian perspective) that I’ve read in recent days, and I think you, dear Christian friends, should give it a gander too.

From Steve Deace:

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I haven’t shared this except with a few people privately, but I think now is a good time to share it with everyone else publicly.

Monday night I was really down, because my data models were telling me this is how this was going to turn out. Trump-Cult with a big win, and Cruz-Rubio way back after spending the time going after each other. I stayed up by myself praying and stewing in the dark about this until about 5 a.m. all by myself. Contemplating and pondering why this grieved me so. Perhaps more than anything else I’ve encountered in my Christian walk.

Then I realized it’s because I’ve forgotten that I am a Christian. That yes, I have an opportunity to serve in the political arena, but that it’s not the end all, be all. My belief system begins with God raising His dead Son to life following a brutal and vicious torture-death, to witness to a world that hates Him how much He loves them regardless.

That really, until the founding of this country, there has rarely been a time in human history when true faith in Christ and sincere devotion to the teachings of the Scriptures have been fully embraced by the halls of powers within any culture. Yet the Great Commission is fulfilled nonetheless, and the Word goes forth and does not return void. Heavens coffers are still filled with believers, regardless of the political whims of the age.

That’s because an all-powerful God doesn’t need human systems to accomplish His will. But will crush human systems which believe they do, or even worse can oppose it.

This is where our culture stands now. There is no question in my mind watching this unfold we are a culture under divine judgment. I say that not because I claim to speak for God, but because it seems clear the signs are there that God is speaking to us.

Therefore, this is our test.

christiannationThe temptation for cultures in the cross-hairs of a divine spanking is to double down on the schemes that got them there. Like how the more scared and desperate a culture becomes (and it’s always that way because it’s lost its way morally), the more likely it is to turn to megalomaniacs who claim to have all the answers when they really only have one answer — themselves. Or they will place their faiths in their cultural relics rather than the force behind them, like the people in Jeremiah’s day put their faith in the Temple rather than the Lord of the Temple.

We do this because we are scared, and act out of fear instead of faith. We believe we are acting in accordance with God’s plan, when in reality we are practicing conflict avoidance instead. Like children who instead of taking their punishment tell more lies or hatch more schemes to avoid it, further enraging their parents. When humbly accepting their deserved accountability would’ve made it less painful.

That doesn’t mean we should create self-fulfilling prophecies by being intentionally fatalistic and cynical, as I see so many people who are really falsely pious claim to be. And you know these people. These are the ones who don’t get their hands dirty, but they always have all the answers on Facebook. They’re not culture warriors, but real-life versions of the angry critics sitting in the balcony on the Muppets.

What it does mean is we should count it all joy that we get to suffer for the Name. What it does mean is we do the best we can with the times we’ve been given, and if the times we’ve been given are times of drought or harvest so be it. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord, who is the maker of all things. The bringer of life. The conqueror of death. And the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Before whom one sweet day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is God, and there is no other.

That we should love our country because it was founded on love of the God who first loved us, but we should also love it enough to tell it when it’s wrong and strays from that path. That we walk the narrow road and refuse no matter how many times a fallen culture offers us a bite of its rotten apple.

So what if we’re watching the means by which we’ve done our human best to stand for righteousness in America cease to become worthy of the mantle. If it has become too corrupted to do good, be not afraid. And I say that as someone who doesn’t know what will replace it, but as someone that does know no one can possibly love us, our children, and our neighbors more than Christ who suffered and died for us and them. Therefore, let that be where we place our trust.

And have faith that the God who rolled the stone away on the third day to defeat our last enemy, death, will raise up a new means for us to serve Him in our time. If this is the Republican Party clearly telling us we’re no longer welcome, then treat it the same as you would any other movement or institution that draws such a line. If they won’t listen, kick the dust off your sandals and move on. Let’s face it, we’ve abandoned churches for far less betrayal of orthodoxy, and those are institutions that actually matter eternally. Political parties do not.

We don’t owe the Republican Party, or anything else more allegiance than it gives us. Especially when it causes our faith to stumble or weaken in the process. Or causes us to dumb-down our faith before unbelievers in order to remain a part of it, thus corrupting our Christian testimony.

These words were true long before anyone had ever heard of the United States of America:

“All things work together for the glory of God, and for those called according to His purposes.”

And they will still be true longer after the United States of America are but a memory. Amen.

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