How President Trump Met the First Lady in 1998

Before Donald Trump was the President of the United States and before he met Melania Trump, he was just another bachelor. Trump was a 44-year-old, newly divorced (from Marla Maples) father who was looking for love again.

Trump went on a date to a Fashion Week party that was hosted by Paolo Zampolli, where he was introduced to the lovely model, Melania Knauss, who was 28 at the time.

Trump, although on  date, became smitten with Knauss and struck up conversation. He said, “I went crazy. I said, ‘Forget about her. Who’s the one on the left?’ And it was Melania.”

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Trump continued, “She was a very successful model. She was terrific. I tried to get her number and she wouldn’t give it to me.”

AOL reports:

“He wanted my number, but he was with a date, so of course I didn’t give it to him,” Knauss recalled of their first exchange in an interview with Harper’s Bazaarin 2016.

“I said, ‘I am not giving you my number; you give me yours, and I will call you.’ I wanted to see what kind of number he would give me—if it was a business number, what is this? I’m not doing business with you,” she said.

So Trump, in turn, reportedly gave Knauss all of his numbers — “the office, Mar-a-Lago, home in New York, everything,” she said.

“I was struck by his energy,” she said. “He has an amazing sense of vitality.”

For their first night out on the town, he took her to celebrity hotspot Moomba, allegedly Leonardo DiCaprio’s hangout at the time.

“I remember that night like it was two months ago,” she said.

After a one-year courtship, Melania faced accusations that she was only interested in Trump for his money, and later defended herself against the gold digger claims.

“She ran into Donald just at the right time. She was just about out of money, at the end of her rope and about to move back to Eastern Europe,” an alleged source close to Trump is quoted in the New York Post.

“I think you can’t be with the person if it’s not love, if they don’t satisfy you,” Knauss told the New York Times in 1999. “You can’t hug a beautiful apartment, you can’t hug an airplane, you can’t talk to them.

What a beautiful love story they have, and it is still going strong all these years later. The couple are obviously in love, and we love having them as our president and first lady.

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