How Politically Correct Liberals Enable Terrorism




The owner of Nazareth Restaurant in Ohio, Baransi, is again complaining that Obama asserts that Islam promotes peace and that the FBI won’t label the murderous machete attack  by Mohamed  Barry  in his restaurant as a terrorist attack.

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Baransi, a Christian Arab, says, “ I didn’t come to America to have the president preach about Islam.”


The FBI merely called it a “heinous act.”  But they didn’t call it terrorism.  Heinous implies unfortunate.  Terrorism implies that Obama might have to cross the red line he never crosses. He prefers to shun action until  he sneaks out of office.


Baransi says the FBI refuses to update the investigation or upgrade the description to terrorism.


You’d think the FBI might conclude that it was terrorism from the fact that Barnasi was flying an Israeli flag outside his restaurant.


Baransi said,  “It wasn’t a random attack. Mine is the only restaurant in Columbus that displays an Israeli flag.”


The machete attacker had already been in the FBI’s radar for radical, bigoted statements.


If the FBI at the obvious bidding of Obama won’t even label the machete chopper in Ohio a terrorist what are the chances of their labeling Hillary Clinton a felon for her classified emails on her private server?


Remember when Obama called Hassan’s murders at Fort Hood Workplace Violence like it was someone  slipping on grease.


Obama seems to want to change the language. He has already declared that same sex relationships are legal  marriages.


He hasn’t done much for Jews except garnered our votes.  Maybe he wants to rename concentration camps summer camps for cleansing nuisances. We’d go along with that. We are his biggest supporters.


The Jews are not brilliant Shakespearean fools.  We are just fools.

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