How Leftists Protest Capitalism: Steal iPhones, Loot Stores [VIDEO]

Leftists protest by stealing from stores before burning them down.

When Leftists protest the “capitalism” of the G20 nations, how does that involve looting iPhones from the store? Marxists are supposed to want the public ownership of the means of production, not the personal appropriation of the products of privately owned companies. Otherwise, they are merely a group of parasites. But that’s what we see in Hamburg: moralism and looting.

For people who claim to hate “corporate exploitation,” they sure seem to love to get the results.

The Boston Globe reports, “‘Everybody went totally mad’: 2nd night of G-20 violence in Hamburg.

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Among the protesters was Michael Schmidt, 80, a writer, who had traveled to Hamburg from Munich with his son.

“We are fed up with the system” perpetuated by the Group of 20, Schmidt said. He denounced “the unquestioning of the capitalist system, the social irresponsibility and ecological irresponsibility” of the member nations. The Group of 20 comprises 19 industrial and emerging-market countries, plus the European Union.

Residents of the Schanzen district awoke Saturday to the smell of fire and the sight of shattered storefronts. Police said about 500 protesters had looted a supermarket and then set it on fire as they retreated.

Videos posted on social media sites showed the smashed glass of a looted electronics store that sold Apple iPhones and other devices. Another showed masked demonstrators in black clothes plundering a grocery store; in yet another, masked protesters could be seen being chased by masked and heavily armed police officers against a backdrop of flames and smoke.

The authorities said the protesters were armed with homemade incendiary devices and iron bars. Activists said the authorities had turned water cannons against them more than 20 times Friday.

Read the entire Boston Globe story.

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