How Karl Marx’s 10-Point Checklist to Communism is Affecting the 2016 American Presidential Election


Our good friend Jonathon Dunne from Freedom’s Disciple weighs in on the Presidential election and wonders where everything went wrong in this years election cycle.

This Presidential election looks more like an election in Europe than one from America. On the Democratic side you have a 74 year old self-avowed SOCIALIST and a 68 year old progressive.

On the GOP side you have forgotten the message of Reagan where Government was the problem, now it’s just badly managed. At the GOP debate last week you actually had a debate over whether Obama is incompetent or an ideologue. OMG!!!

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If you never read or listen to any of my work again, please consider this show as I take the 10-point checklist to communism from Karl Marx ‘s Manifesto and ask Americans how close you are to his checklist.

Simple put, the question today for every American is, do you want to complete the dreams of your Founding Fathers or Karl Marx? Choose wisely. God Bless!

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