How Donald Trump Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack

I almost had a heart attack today. My brother told me a couple of days ago that our father had expressed support for Donald Trump and might even be voting for him. Naturally, I was distraught. This prospect immediately forced me to consider:

1) My father has been a faithful husband for 30 years. Donald Trump is a serial adulterer. My father is pure and respectful to women. Trump is famously disrespectful to women and owns strip clubs.
2) My father understands that the Rule of Law is the foundation of all legitimate government, while Donald Trump shows a disdain for the Constitution rivaled only by the worst Presidents in American History.

When I realized that Illinois votes today, I almost had a heart attack.

I did what had to be done. I did what was obviously necessary, and what any loving son would do: I called my father. I was prepared to have a very uncomfortable conversation. I was prepared to fight, if necessary. I was prepared to tell my father that he would regret this vote for the rest of his life.

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To my joy, none of that was necessary. My father had realized on his own that Trump is a wicked man. He called Trump a “bully” and pointed out that Trump doesn’t seem to be motivated by love for his fellow man. He talked about how he doesn’t trust Trump to uphold the Constitution, and said that Trump is a divisive man who will further divide the country.

Many of you are breathing a sigh of relief after that last paragraph, but I encourage you to consider: what are you doing to intervene in the lives of your friends and family? I suspect that all of us know more than a few Trump supporters. Have you talked to them? Are you going to let them vote for a man who might be a fascist? Are you going to let them make a mistake that they will regret?

It gets worse: how many of us have friends and family who are going to vote for candidates (Hillary and Bernie) who are EVEN MORE wicked than Trump? How many of us have friends and family whose vote will result in the slaughter of innocent children and the persecution of Christians?

It’s gut-check time. We need to ask ourselves how much we really love those around us. Then we need to do the loving thing and be prepared to have some very uncomfortable conversations. That’s what it means to love others.

And if you’re wondering, my story gets even better: my father is Cruzin’.

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