How do Liberals Explain Brexit? RACISM!

Liberals and progressives to make fake charges of hatred and racism when the the public objects to their policies. It’s part of their philosophy…

Liberals and progressives love to make fake charges of hatred when the the public objects to their policies. It’s part of their philosophy, they are smarter than the general public so there cannot be a logical disagreement to the liberal ideas.  That liberal philosophy is behind their be blaming of the recent pro Brexit vote on racism and xenophobia.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour for example, blamed the vote to leave the EU on, “very very xenophobic, anti-immigrant, very populist, nationalist, white identity politics.”  Her views were echoed by many in the liberal media.  But the truth is, the only thing making the Brexit vote a result of bigotry are the claims of the mainstream media and liberal politicians.

The number one reason for the Brexit vote was the desire by some British voters to maintain sovereignty over its own economy. The European Union has increased its control over member states economies. In areas where the EU has been granted authority like competition policy, agriculture, and copyright and patent law, the EU rules override national laws. Let’s face it, It’s bad enough when big government from one’s owncountry is establishing too much control over people’s lives. It is worse when it’s an international panel of unelected bureaucrats. Brexit supporter former London Mayor Boris Johnson Conservative politiciansput it this way:

Sometimes these EU rules sound simply ludicrous, like the rule that you can’t recycle a teabag, or that children under eight cannot blow up balloons, or the limits on the power of vacuum cleaners. Sometimes they can be truly infuriating – like the time I discovered, in 2013, that there was nothing we could do to bring in better-designed cab windows for trucks, to stop cyclists being crushed. It had to be done at a European level, and the French were opposed.

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Gee that doesn’t sound racist it sound like the fight against big government…


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