How can the President, Who Proudly Claims to be a Man of his Word, Accept Such a Disjointed Piece of Legislation?

We Are Cautious But Simmering

Excuse my skepticism, but we’ve been down many roads where optimism came crashing down.  And once again, the haughty expect blind thought and adherence to their shenanigans.  However, with regards to this particular healthcare road, the potholes are getting unavoidable and much deeper.

One point of voter agreement is the politician’s ability to “shoot the bull.”  Entire careers are built around and depend upon getting their messages accepted by their constituents.  However, this particular issue of healthcare repeal has now fallen on deaf ears.

First off, it’s been six years of numerous repeals which resulted with an Obama veto. Given the current bickering within republican ranks, past attempts only resemble “show biz.”

Tell us again how this routine of submitting repeal legislation now requires “three phases.”  More to the point, why is it that the cornerstone of President Trump’s repeal, erasing State lines so that insurance becomes a more competitive product, now resides in the last Phase?

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Again being a skeptic, what assurances are there that Phase Two and Phase Three will ever be included?  What necessitated this Phase breakdown to begin with?

How can the President, who proudly claims to be a man of his word, accept such a disjointed piece of legislation?  This is totally antithetical to Trump’s campaign promises.  Also, what happened to former Rep. Price’s hard charging anti-healthcare bravado?  This current legislation has nothing to do with eliminating this governmentally controlled socialized product and everything to do with appeasing the insurance community.

Another pothole of consternation is this post inaugural absence of Trump’s Common Core promises.  Not only that, his selection of a Secretary of Education who was chiefly responsible for Michigan retaining its Common Core educational brand is a worthy pothole in need of repair.

Ageless truisms afford a wealth of reliable guidance.  One such example comes from my late and great mother who often remarked that “talk is cheap.” Consider the previously mentioned Michigan involvement of Betsy DeVos versus her disavowing claim that, “I am not a supporter of Common Core, period.”  Again, mom always taught that “actions speak louder than words.”

Then, concerning our President’s justified claim of Obama’s sponsored, directed and/or suggested hacking, ole Biden impressionist John McCain just had to chime in with his usual two cents.

Unable to let the President’s hacking charge go, McCain uttered, “The dimensions of this are huge..  It’s accusing a former president of the United States of violating the law.  That’s never happened before.”

Typical McCain!  Since WWII, every war-time President has done so.  How many “wars” have Americans fought and sacrificed without declaring a state of war?  Since our Constitution remains the law of the land, Sen. McCain just might have opened that inglorious can of worms.

Where was such condemnation when President Obama ignored a court ruling which barred his recess appointments?  Isn’t this just another example of selective law enforcement?  And what about way down to the local levels of governing.  Are we to “blind eye” the illegal entries while only enforcing “more serious” criminal conduct?  And should we mention a President’s loyalty to a sworn oath of office and how routinely it is violated?  Seems as though the good Senator arrived at the dance long after the band left!

Performance outweighs promises, always will.  Today, our President is debt free of any political pay backs and beholden to no one except the American people.  As such, what hidden influence or motive could now hijack such a “done deal?”

As stated, Republicans command both Houses and the Executive branch.  Are the American voters now expected to tolerate this circus of discord over a repeal which was previously submitted multiple times with unity?  If this be the case, that of political gamesmanship and public insult, the firmness of a Republican resurgence will be addressed in November, 2018.

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