How Alternative Media is Being Shut Down and What we Can do to Fight Back

In the wake of all the “fake news” stories and alternative media exposing the fake news of corporate media, social media giants like FacebookYouTube and Twitter have chosen their side in the war of free speech and freedom of the press. They’ve chosen to be on the side of the Marxists in government, both Republican and Democrat.

Aaron and Melissa Dykes of reported that their posts, videos and website were blocked, locked and hacked recently. They write:

Our Facebook posts about it were blocked, our Youtube video’s counts were locked down for over 24 hours when the views were taking off, and then our website was hacked and shut down completely.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how they are going to start shutting down the alternative media and free speech on the web: blocking, locking, and hacking the info.

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My video features a Congressman speaking on the House floor about a very alarming bill that was recently passed — it is not “fake news”. In fact, if you watch the video yourself, you’ll probably agree with me when I say I wish like hell it was fake.

But of course most of us realize that “fake news” is just another way of saying “anything the system wants censored”… starting with the truth about what’s really going on right now while the establishment’s mainstream PR firm media continues to peddle whatever the distraction agenda du jour is.

Take a look at what happened to the Dykes after they uploaded their last video.

The same thing is happening to this site. We are being targeted with limited exposure on Facebook. Our emails are being listed as spam by anonymous sources, even though we have a double opt in system in place. We have been listed as “fake news” by corporate media hacks.

I’m thinking it’s about time that we fight back, not with words, videos or mere rhetoric, but with a class action lawsuit against state controlled media installations like The New York Times and the LA Times, as well as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the libelous claims of being “fake news” or “untrustworthy.” These are the same outlets pushing those opposed to American ideals. Then, we should begin lawsuits targeting talking heads on news programs who label us “fake news” while giving the likes of CNN and the BBC a pass, even though we know they have engaged in stage news propaganda.

If you are a member of the media and wish to engage in such lawsuits, please contact me here and let’s see how we can get the ball rolling. We must bring justice to the enemies of freedom or we’ll be destroyed along with those we are seeking to free from their bondage.

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