The House Stands with Israel

Yesterday the House of Representatives took a symbolic but important vote. They chose to recognize the idea that a nation under siege has the right, and the duty, to defend itself from its aggressors… no matter how sympathetic those aggressors may be to the outside world.

The House chose to stand united with Israel — and it’s a signal to the White House to do the same. Here’s what Congressman Tom Graves said on Facebook.

Yesterday, the House unanimously passed a resolution expressing support for Israel and its right to defend itself and its citizens from the unprovoked rocket bombardment from terrorists. I am proud to stand with Israel and call for an end to these attacks. ‪#‎standwithIsrael‪#‎Pray4Israel

The unanimity with which the House has voted has deep meaning for us as Americans, and should be instructive for President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. For the last six years our relationship with just about everyone has gotten worse, and Israel may be the place where we see that degradation most profoundly. Our President has made it so that many of our former allies can no longer trust us or the things that we say.

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israelpalestineIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a acrimonious relationship with President Obama. It seems quite clear that the two men do not like each other, and worse, that they may not even respect each other. This sour relationship could not come at a worse time for our two nations with such rancor percolating all around the Islamic world, and in the Middle East in particular.

With this vote the House seems to be demanding that instead of supporting bogus Palestinian claims that Israel is as bad as Nazi Germany or apartheid-era South Africa, that President Obama and Secretary Kerry stand proudly in support of Israel’s right to defend themselves.

EVERY DAY Islamic terrorists (or Hamas soldiers) fire rockets into Israel killing innocent civilians and soldiers. EVERY DAY. Israel responds intermittently (not after every attack) and yet Israel is treated as the aggressor in this situation? Palestinian leaders cannot even bring themselves to say that they will accept an Israeli state if Israel were to give them a free Palestine. How can you negotiate with people who cannot even accept your EXISTENCE? I would argue that you can’t.

A cease-fire has been negotiated, but neither side is abiding by it yet.

Hamas would like to pretend that they are completely innocent in this conflict, but the truth is that much of the blood (even Palestinian blood) spilled in this conflict is on their hands.

Hamas fires rockets into civilian areas of Israel, purposely targeting innocent non-combatants.

Israel attacks strategic locations, places where Hamas builds up its ability to fight, but then Hamas shields those locations with civilians. Munitions are stored beneath schools, militants meet in the basements of hospitals, and Hamas offices are found in residential areas. Hamas uses their citizens as human shields. Hamas is at fault for the deaths of their people.

We would love to see an end to the violence in the Middle East, but that can’t happen until everyone is honest about why this is really happening. The Islamic culture of the Middle East cannot stand having the presence of Jews so near, and until they are willing to accept a Jewish nation, there can be no peace.

Eagle Rising stands with the House of Representatives and with Israel.

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