The House Passes Bill to Block Obama’s Executive Amnesty – President Promises Veto

The House of Representatives voted on Thursday to block President Obama from changing immigration law by using his Executive power.


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The final vote was 219-197 with 3 Republicans voting present. All but 3 Democrats voted against the House bill, thereby siding with the President’s use of Executive power to create new laws and basically crown himself king. Interestingly, 7 Republicans also voted no with the Democrats. You can see the Roll Call for the House vote here.

It seems patently ridiculous that this type of vote is necessary considering the length that the Constitution goes to instructing us that it is the legislatures job to make law, not the President’s… but apparently we forgot this somewhere along the line. Now, the President will veto this attempt by House Republicans to block him from amnestying 5 million illegals without the consent of Congress. So, what will the GOP do next?

Probably nothing.

Obama-AmnestyJohn Boehner said he would not commit to bringing up a bill to strip critical funding from the Department of Homeland Security in the next Congress. Instead, the speaker of the House says there are “lots of options” for blocking President Obama’s executive order on immigration. At a Thursday press conference in the Capitol, Boehner did not guarantee the House would vote to block or cut off funding from DHS once Republicans had control of both houses of Congress in 2015.

“There are a lot of options on the table,” said Boehner in response to a question from THE WEEKLY STANDARD. “I’m not going to get into hypotheticals of what we could or couldn’t do. But I do know this. Come January, we’ll have a Republican House and a Republican Senate, and we’ll be in a stronger position to take actions.”

Boehner and House Republican leaders are pushing to pass a short-term funding package before the end of the current budget resolution next week. 

In plain English, Boehner is saying that the GOP is powerless for now. In the Senate conservatives like Ted Cruz are pushing to pass a bill that would defund the President’s amnesty efforts – but the establishment GOP (embodied by Boehner) are terrified that another shutdown could doom the GOP’s newly won momentum. The concern is valid but more than a little disheartening. If GOP leaders will constantly be acting from a position of fear rather than a position of leadership… what can we ever hope to accomplish?

It seems, for now, that our current crop of GOP leaders have decided that staying in power is more important than stopping the terrible actions the Democrats have committed over the past few years… Obamacare and Amnesty included.

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