House of Reps Passes Resolution Blasting Cities That Allow Illegals to Vote

The House of Representatives passed a resolution this week blasting Democrat-run U.S. cities that allow non-citizens to vote in local elections.

The House of Representatives passed a resolution this week blasting Democrat-run U.S. cities that allow non-citizens to vote in local elections.

The statement, spearheaded by Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), slams cities for letting foreigners interfere in local elections.

According to The Hill newspaper:

McCarthy, who is seeking to succeed retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), argued it’s critical that the U.S. take strides to protect the legitimacy of its elections, whether it be from foreign interference or illegal voting. He said officials had expressed concerns to him about noncitizens voting.

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“They feel that they’re disenfranchised – that this is a movement that’s going around with Democrat-controlled cities. That it dilutes why people work so hard to become citizens, it dilutes elections as well, too,” he said.

“People want to make sure the elections are honest and fair and upheld,” McCarthy added.

Sadly, this is a non-binding resolution and requires no action, well, from anyone, really.

Indeed, that is one thing the liberals in the House noted when they scoffed at the vote.

“I would point out this is not a law, it’s a non-binding resolution. So there’s a clear attempt to try to play gotcha with folks,” said Rep. Linda Sánchez (D-Calif.), vice chair of the House Democratic Caucus, said according to the paper.

“And instead of wasting time on a non-binding resolution, I would like to see the Republicans focused on getting the seven unfinished spending bills done, so we can keep the lights on in government,” she concluded.

Of course, Democrats have sponsored a million such resolutions, too, so the whining by Sánchez is a bit hollow.

Still, it is an embarrassment to liberals that it got passed at all and it is helpful that even this tiny bit of light is shed on the outrageous fact that Democrats are allowing foreigners to influence our election even as they pretend to be shocked with their fake claims that Trump did that with “Russia collusion.”

After all, this is a straight out hypocrisy on behalf of America’s liberals. On one hand they act as if it is the worst crime in history for Trump to have worked with people living in Russia to affect our elections (which he didn’t, and they didn’t, anyway), and yet liberals RIGHT HERE at home are going out of the way to facilitate foreigners influencing our elections in our own cities.

So, what is the difference, here? Ah, only that the foreigners living here are controlled by the Democrat Party while they maintain that the foreigners elsewhere were working to help Republicans.

You see, it isn’t about foreigners influencing our elections. It’s about foreigners not supporting Democrats. Hence, Democrats are hypocrites, once again.

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