House of Horrors – ISIS Releases Video Showing Horrible New Ways to Execute Prisoners


I think that we all thought that ISIS couldn’t shock us any more than they already had. I mean, they’ve cut off heads with steak knives, roasted prisoners alive, dropped homosexuals off of buildings, brought slavery back in style and are sexually abusing children by the busload… but apparently they can still shock us.

In the most recently released video from the Muslim terrorist organization, we discovered terrible new horrors that are being experience under the Islamic State.

The evil villains of ISIS seem to have an entire department dedicated to new and horrifying ways to kill people. Their devious machinations were on full display in this latest video. First the video shows five prisoners who have been accused of spying being locked into a cage and being lowered into a swimming pool. As the cage fully submerges, the video switches to underwater cameras and the men are seen thrashing about until death finally takes them and they sink, motionless. When the cage is finally brought back up – the men are dead, their bodies stacked on the bottom of the cage.

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Later in the video, several other prisoners are seen being locked inside of a vehicle in the desert, then an ISIS monster fires a rocket-propelled grenade at the car. The vehicle catches fire, ensuring that anyone not killed in the explosion is killed by the flames. Another group of ISIS prisoners somewhere else are then chained together and each is furnished with an explosive necklace. You can guess what happens next. An ISIS terrorist detonates the necklaces killing the prisoners in gruesome style.

The destruction of our planet at the hand’s of militant Islamists continues, and still the world watches on in passive disinterest. When will we act to end the threat to civilization? Will we ever do so?















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