House Claims It’s Ready to Repeal & REPLACE Obamacare – Just Not Before Tax Day [VIDEO]

On Tuesday, House Republicans held a press conference to provide more talk about why Obamacare needs to be repealed, but also continue to push for why it should be replaced.  While there is much talk about how Americans are “suffering” under the unconstitutional mandate and the penalty taxes associated with the un-Affordable Care Act, the movement has not been getting things accomplished quick enough, and many have probably forgotten that Speaker Paul Ryan has been at the forefront of voting to fully fund the detrimental legislation.

Nevertheless, several representatives spoke and what concerns me most is the use of the language.

While they rightly point out what Obamacare has done by driving doctors from the practice of medicine and driving the costs of insurance up and leaving people without health insurance, they also claim they don’t want bureaucracy in the way.  Yet, right on the heels of such statements, they will say things like they are going to “restore a robust insurance market.”  How, exactly, do they do this?  The insurance market is what it is.  How will they do this by also mandating insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions?

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The point I’m making is that they are already attempting to take credit for what the market does on its own once it comes out from under heavy-handed regulations.

In case someone doesn’t understand this, premiums are developed based on risks.  When someone submits a claim their premiums usually go up.  However, to make sure they can have some bit of affordability for pre-existing conditions, someone will have to subsidize that premium in the pool of the insured.  That is split among all the people in that pool.

So, understand that while insurance premiums may have seemed high before Obamacare, now they are considered low.  Once the central government mandates that insurance companies must cover pre-existing conditions, the premiums will still be higher than what one paid prior to Obamacare, but lower than they are now.

The question we have to ask is, what was really wrong with how things were prior to Obamacare?  The majority of Americans who wanted health insurance had it.  Those that didn’t could be treated at any doctor or emergency room.  Medical Savings Accounts, while beneficial, should not be something Washington regulates.  Medicare and Medicaid are unconstitutional.  There is no authority in the Constitution for any of this.

So, I simply ask, why can there not be a full, unapologetic repeal of every single word of the Affordable Care Act, along with the elimination of anything it produced such as websites and community organized groups that get money from the taxpayers to promote Obamacare?  If words can simply be written and put into “pretended, unconstitutional law,” then why can’t words be written and eliminate it?  This isn’t rocket science.

Now, for the main event.  Here’s what one of the men who made sure Obamacare was fully funded every year it came up in the budget and was unwilling to put his political neck on the line to stop a budget with unconstitutional spending in it said.  House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said, “Our promise to repeal and replace Obamacare is about two big things. First, it is about rescuing people from this collapsing law, where the premiums are getting higher and higher, and the choices are getting fewer and fewer, to the point where people just have no choices left at all. This law is in a collapse and we have an obligation to rescue people from that collapse.”

He had an obligation over the past several years to stop funding its implementation!  Where was he at then?  That’s right, he was handing Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah everything he wanted and has just recently put forward a budget that will add $10 trillion to our national debt over the next ten years.

“It’s also about building a stronger health care system for the country,” Ryan added.  “One that gives every American access to quality, affordable care. Instead of fewer choices, we want our health care system to be truly competitive. Insurers should compete for your business, and treat you fairly.”

Well, I certainly agree with that, but laws are already in place to deal with any business that doesn’t treat you fairly.  As for competition across state lines, I’m all for that, but that does not require “replacing” Obamacare.

“Instead of more mandates, you should have the freedom and the flexibility to choose the plan that best meets your needs,” Ryan continued.  “Instead of more bureaucracy, the patient and the doctor should be at the center of our health care decisions. Instead of all this uncertainty—instead of worrying about whether or not you have to find a new plan or a new doctor—you should have real peace of mind. That’s what our health care system should look like.”

Just wait and see how much bureaucracy will be created with the mandate these guys come up with.  Granted, I’m expecting it to be less than what Obama and the Democrats forged, but it will be more bureaucracy than prior to Obamacare.  Watch and see.

“All of this will help lower costs and end the annual sticker shock of higher premiums,” Ryan said.

Yes, it probably will have an effect on lowering premiums, but remember to compare those premiums to pre-Obamacare and ask yourself if you would simply not be better off without DC’s involvement in health insurance.

“I fully recognize and respect the strong feelings that people have about this issue,” Ryan continued.  “We should be passionate about this issue. It is about people’s lives. This affects every person and every family in America.  That is why we are taking a step-by-step approach. So people can see the changes that we are making, so that they can see how they will help. And, working with Secretary Price, we will have a stable transition, where no one has the rug pulled out from under them while we work toward a better, more stable system.”

Really, it’s too late for that.  The rug was already pulled out from under people, and Paul Ryan gave his vote to help fully fund it.  While I’m hopeful the American people will be able to see the talks that take place, I’m not so sure we can trust a man who has used out money to fund what he calls a “collapsing law,” one that he knew would collapse, just like Harry Reid and the Democrats did, thus paving the way for a single payer system.  By the way, universal healthcare was something that even President Donald Trump brought up during the campaign too in September 2015 and again in January 2016.

“So this step-by-step approach will rescue people from Obamacare’s collapse, and give every American access to affordable, quality health care,” Ryan concluded.  “This is how we will deliver on our promise to the American people. This is why we are doing what we are doing. We have to stop the collapse. And we have better ideas that have been time-tested that will make sure we give the American people the kind of relief they deserve.”

They just aren’t going to do it before the tax man comes this year.  Keep that in mind, America.  I told you to watch out for this guy in 2012.  I’m telling you to watch out for him in 2016.

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