House Campaigns Raise Record Money in First Quarter…But Look Which Party Raised More

This came as a bit of a surprise to me.

Everyone knows how much Trump is absolutely despised by the left. Violent anti-Trump protests and demonstrations have taken place across the country and at GOP town hall events. Many of them are staged. But the media focus on them to give their viewers the impression that everyone in America hates Trump.

You’d think they’d put their money where their mouth is and support the ‘resistance’ (unless they really are just a bunch of paid protesters who don’t actually care about anything). But as much as the media has tried to show how ‘angry’ and ‘fed up’ Democrats are over Trump, they’ve still not raised as much money as the Republicans.

Both parties brought in a record amount of money in the first quarter. On the more liberals sites, they focused on how much the Democrats ‘shattered‘ previous fundraising records in their quest to counter Trump. But what they don’t usually mention is how Republicans did the same thing – broke previous fundraising records – and they also beat the Democrats. From Bloomberg:

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Political polarization in Washington produced a fundraising record as donors to both parties flooded U.S. House campaigns with $96.1 million in the first quarter of 2017, according to an analysis of filings with the Federal Election Commission.

That’s a 45 percent increase over the $66.2 million raised during the same period two years ago, the previous record. The maximum contribution amount to campaigns was the same during both periods. Republican incumbents and challengers raised $49.8 million, while Democrats pulled in $46.3 million.

Republican Donald Trump’s early actions as president have sparked a series of demonstrations and a surge of fundraising by groups on the left, but conservatives have also boosted their giving in the first months of the new administration.

According to Michael Beckel, a manager at a group that pushes for limiting the role of money in politics, “heightened partisanship is good for fundraising.”  The Issue One manager noted, “Republicans and Democrats are trying to keep their donor bases active at the dawn of the Trump presidency.”

It’s surprising to me, because while Trump’s November win showed that Americans held a substantial grudge against the Democratic Party, it also showed a distrust of the Republican establishment. Trump’s win was a symbolic slap in the face of both parties’ establishments. Yet, both parties raised a record amount of donations.

On top of that, Trump’s ‘honeymoon’ period was extremely short-lived (if he ever even had one), leading a lot of his supporters to lose trust in him and lose hope that he was going to make due on his campaign promises. Yet, not only did the Republican Party raise a record amount of money the first quarter, they beat the Democrats.

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