Hostility at Hofstra: My Take on the 1st Presidential Debate

The Monday evening presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at best seemed like a draw.  Some believe that Hillary won the night but even those people suggest she won by a nose.

2016 is a change election, voters are looking for something different. That’s why Trump won the GOP primaries and why against all odds Bernie Sanders gave Hillary a run for her money in the Democratic primaries.

The change mindset of the voters is what set up this and possibly future debates. As the “change agent” candidate with little political experience, Donald Trump needed to prove that he could be presidential, that he could handle the issues, and that he could debate without some of the craziness he displayed during the primary season. Hillary Clinton needed to demonstrate her experience, demonstrate that Donald Trump isn’t presidential material, seem likable, and because of her recent health problems prove she could last through a ninety-minute debate without keeling over.

Mr. Trump achieved the goal of looking presidential and debating without the errors, or the nastiness of the primary debates. In fact, Hillary Clinton was the attacker for most of the night.

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Trump also needed to show that he could keep up with Hillary Clinton’s knowledge of policy. And while Clinton’s knowledge based did seem deeper at times, the gap wasn’t wide enough to display a clear difference. Although the moderator pointed much of the debate away from policy issues, at least the bread and butter issues of the economy and national defense Trump was…

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