Horrible! Muslim Terrorists Execute More than 700 Men and Boys

Now we know how ISIS has maintained control of such a large area since announcing their “caliphate.”

A new report from the Washington Post uncovers an ISIS massacre that took place in August, when ISIS thugs murdered more than 700 men and boys in response to an uprising. The Shaitat tribe was forced to sign a truce with ISIS after ISIS armed themselves with US weapons from Iraq and invaded their community.

One Shaitat fighter said, “we realized we had no hope. We were surrounded. We wanted to save our people.”

The Shaitat lived under the boot of ISIS for less than a month before things fell apart.

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A tribesman was publicly beheaded, the violent act created an uproar in the town, and the locals banded together to push the ISIS terrorists out of their town. Their victory was short-lived. Soon the evicted terrorists returned with reinforcements and what happened next is one of the most disgusting chapters in the ISIS history books.

ISIS armyThe cost of turning against the Islamic State was made brutally apparent in the streets of a dusty backwater town in eastern Syria in early August. Over a three-day period, vengeful fighters shelled, beheaded, crucified and shot hundreds of members of the Shaitat tribe after they dared to rise up against the extremists.

By the time the killing stopped, 700 people were dead, activists and survivors say, making this the bloodiest single atrocity committed by the Islamic State in Syria since it declared its existence 18 months ago.

A photo essay on an Islamic State blog boasted of the different ways tribesmen were killed, including beheadings, mass shootings and a crucifixion. A video shows how the militants lined up scores of captives on a road, their hands bound, then set about clumsily decapitating them, one by one. The executioners, speaking in Tunisian, Egyptian and Saudi accents, taunted those not yet dead by swinging severed heads in front of their faces and telling them, “It’s your turn next.”

This is what the Islamic caliphate has wrought in Syria and Iraq. This is what happens when Islamic terrorists establish a theocracy … among their own people. What do you think would happen if they established one among us Westerners? The time to fight back against the Islamic scourge is now.

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