Hoping the Crowd Cursed Me Out

Curse Me Out


You think that I am a bigot because I don’t believe in same sex marriage.

I think that you are a bigot against things as they are,

The way they’ve always been played on the blue guitar.


I play things as they are on the blue guitar.

You say that because I have a blue guitar.


I do not play things as they are.

But I play things as they have been and will be on historical strings.


I even put Wallace Stevens into the role of the dice

And let the gays know that ice is ice,

Cold and ironic.


Everyone wants approval.

If you need it you haven’t earned it.


I’d rather be hated than tepidly approved.

I wouldn’t want friendly  condescension.


If I were gay I’d want to be like Meursault in L’Etranger walking

To my execution or marriage,

Hoping the crowd cursed me out.

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