Homosexuals Get their Way on Marriage – Now Trying to Limit Marriage for Others!

Now that homosexuals got their legal wish in having the Supreme Court force same-sex marriage on all 50 states, these same homosexuals now want to limit that extended right to polygamists. What hypocrites!

At the same time, homosexuals want to silence anybody who uses their God-given and constitutional freedoms to speak against judicial tyranny and the Gaystapo who were never content on just securing same-sex marriage rights. Their goal, like the Nazis and Communists before them, was to criminalize Divine law, thus giving them the freedom to live a guiltfree lifestyle.

The following is from Salon staff writer Mary Elizabeth Williams’s article “No, ‘Sister Wives’ family, polygamy is not the new marriage equality fight”:

“If you want to argue that polygamy and marriage equality are the same thing, well, they’re not. If you want respect for how consenting adults arrange their households, though, you’ve got it. That does not however mean that because one group that has fought for friggin’ decades for basic recognition and respect finally has achieved something, that every fringe group — and yeah, sister wife families, you are fringe — gets a piece of the action too. And if you’re looking for evidence that America is now going all polygamy, all the time, I’d question whether one family that had a brief recent moment on cable TV is really going to build your case.”


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