Homosexual Couple Now Allowed to Marry… But Would Rather See Kim Davis in Jail!

I want to say something before I move on to the central story here – we at Eagle Rising do not have any hate in our heart for homosexuals, liberals or anyone else for that matter. I, of course, cannot speak for every conservative in the nation, but for myself and for this site – I can assure you that we bear no malice. I say this, because the first thing out of the mouths (or pen) of our opponents is always something about hate, evil or homophobia. It’s just not so.

Eagle Rising has been banging the drum of religious liberty, Christian morality and smaller government since our very first day on the web, and we will continue to do so for as long as we are able. To that end, I would remind you that we have long been saying that the “Gay Rights” lobby and everything that they have championed has never actually been about equality… it’s been about normalizing abnormal behavior.

The latest evidence of this comes to us from Kentucky, where Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is once again being threatened with prison by homosexuals. Her “crime”? She has refused to affix her name to the marriage licenses being given to homosexual couples. One such couple who received a license is not pushing to see Davis jailed for refusing to put her name on their document…

Kim Davis KentuckyThe fact that a judge in Kentucky has ruled that they must be given a marriage license (which they have) apparently means nothing to them. What “matters” is forcing Kim Davis to attach her name to their meaningless (and it is meaningless – God in the Bible laid out what REAL marriage looks like and it doesn’t matter how perverted America becomes – Gay Marriage will NEVER be REAL marriage) marriage certificate. What “matters” to this homosexual pair is that they believe the government should force a Christian (and Christians in general) to not only accept the legality of gay marriage, but that they should also force us to participate in the normalization of homosexual behavior.

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From Breitbart:

Two sources close to Kentucky country clerk Kim Davis tell Breitbart News that the gay men whose demand for a marriage license started her on a path to jail for five days are again trying to get her locked up.

These are the men who were seen on video shouting at Davis and demanding she issue them a marriage license in accord with the Supreme Court Obergefell decision that imposed gay marriage on the country. When she refused, Federal judge David Bunning jailed her for five days…

the men are back, saying the license they were so happy with a few weeks ago, is not sufficient They are demanding that Davis issue a new license with her name on it.

It is as if the two men believe the Supreme Court ordered Davis specifically to issue marriage licenses rather than simply guaranteeing that someone will issue marriage licenses to them.

This sets up yet another challenge for Davis and almost certainly for Judge David Bunning. Davis will without a doubt refuse. Bunning may determine that the men must be satisfied with the license they received.

 The gay lobby and the Left will not rest until they have assimilated every one of us. Dissent cannot be tolerated, free thought is discouraged and any semblance of traditional Judeo-Christian morality must be destroyed. This is the mission of the left, and none of us will be left unscathed by their coming assault. Today it’s Kim Davis; tomorrow could very well be the rest of us.

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