Homicides on the Rise in Liberal Cities



The NY Post listed that gun homicides have gone up 25 per cent this year since the NYPD abandoned stop-and-frisk.


Anybody with more than an eighty IQ could have predicted this. 


Isn’t it ironic that an obviously dull thinker like de Blasio wants to increase gun control while he favors gun proliferation by banning stop –and-frisk?


Where is the control when the cops can’t confiscate guns? 


Banning stop-and-frisk and eliminating street guns is an oxymoron. De Blasio is large (an ox) and naïve (a moron).


Is it that de Blasio is so racist that he would rather see dead black people in the hood than have them suffer some minor profiling?


De Blasio is responsible for most of the 295 homicides so far this year. He should not be allowed to make speeches.  He should wear a death’s mask and shove cotton in his mouth.


He can brag that he has avoided profiling but he must take the blame for the deaths that he has caused by his fear of potential racism.


He has blood on his hands while he has his hands in the voting booths of moron’s who support him.

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