Homeschool Haters Hijack

For all their talk about diversity, liberals hate people who believe and act in a way that is different from liberal “values.” They hate any competing worldview they can’t control, define, and manipulate.

So it’s not surprising that many liberals hate homeschooling, charter schools, vouchers, and school choice.

“Among major democratic nations, homeschooling already is banned in Germany, under a Hitler-era law, and in Sweden, where authorities have taken offspring out of their family’s arms to crack down on the educational method.”

homeschool1The Romeike family fled Germany in 2008 so they could practice their faith and educate their children in the United States. The Obama administration wanted to deport them while allowing tens of thousands of illegal aliens into the country.

In 2012 a Swedish appeals court terminated the parental rights of a Swedish family for homeschooling their son. Their son was taken from them and the State was granted full custody rights. In 2009, Swedish authorities stopped the Johansson family from leaving the country.

Stalin and Hitler would be proud that their policies live on.

While homeschooling isn’t the exclusive domain of evangelical Christians, it is dominated by that group. Homeschool conventions take place all across America with thousands attending.

“North Carolina officials say there has been a huge increase over the past two years in the number of Tar Heel families who have pulled their kids out of public schools and begun educating them at home. The number of homeschools has jumped 27 percent since the 2011-12 school year, reports.”

So it’s not surprising that some disgruntled liberals would go on the attack to discredit homeschooling. Every child pulled out of a government school is one less child that can be indoctrinated in the ways of liberalism.

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