Homelessness and the Falseness of Liberal “Compassion”



You encourage failure when you throw dimes in bums’  cups.

Worth millions and you feel good about a pretense

Of  goodness,

Dimes on the dollar.


There is blood on your collar,

Pieces of diminutive generosity.


I am what tramps  need –

The glance-in-the-other-direction of a middle class

Leisurely indifferent realist.


I modeled for the popular ad on NY subways monogramed

“A bum may be without a home but is not without help.”


But the help should be from an institution

Not from a hand out on the train.


New York City is not Rome.

I don’t want to see it decline or fall like London Bridges.


I see bums sh**ing at bus stops and I wonder what happened

To the grandeur that was New York?


The homeless bore me because of the clichéd reactions to them.

The homey  bore me.

I am bored.

Let’s be real not an imitation of love when

We are selfish.

I’d like to take the coins from the bums’ tin cups and throw

Them in the sewer.

Not really.

But I am sickened by liberal false sympathy and the little

They give like plastic tokens without subways.


So I don’t care about bums.

And what good does all your caring do to the lost lives

On the nameless corners.


What do you do that you dare or don’t dare to do  anything?


As much as I hate bums I hate the liberals who cater

To their self-destruction,

The goody-goodies who pretend to ice skate

As they  slide on puddles of urine.


When I used to have a Rolls Royce I’d chat to the homeless

On corners and they didn’t resent my wealth

Because they knew that I was simpatico.

I was one with their humanity despite

The wealth I later lost.


I don’t give but I am given the love of the world

And the kindness of the empty-handed.

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